Monday, October 10, 2005

Bigteam Hints

When you play Big Team Battle the people on your team really dont care if you lose or win(especilly if your a low level in Big Team Battle). Here are some hints to help you in your Big Team Domination.

1) Always go into Big Team with a party so you know each other an will usully listen to each other

2) Comminication is very important in Big Team always tell your team things like if the other team has rockets or a sniper near the teleporter.

3) People will quit in Big Team if you are losing by 1 flag capture so always play with people who aernt quitters they ruin the game for evreyone else

4) If you work together 90% of the time you will win Big Team

5) Do not boot people if they betray you by accident. If somone throws a grendade and kills 2 people and some how betrays you dont boot them


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