Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Zanzibar Map Tips and weapon spawn points

  • Rockets spawn on the platform at red base behind the wheel
  • Sniper 1 spawns at seawall near ghost and hog spawn
  • Sniper 2 spawns at camp froman(near rocket ammo)
  • On team slayer if your team is down by a substanial amount of kills get a sniper and do super-bounce this can get you a lot of kills and the only way you can die is by the other sniper(unless you have both)
  • On CTF enter the base by rocket spawn and go to your right and open the gate(so if your teammates have a warthog you can jump in the passenger seat without runing by BR spawn
  • Or on CTF you can get a good sniper and he will go on top of seawall and all you have to do is get the flag outside and he will cover you and you can score it easily
  • On assult have all your teammates get good weapons and storm the base, chances are the other team is getting weapons like sniper and sword so they will leave the base if your team will co-operate you can arm the bomb easily
  • When you have the bomb go on shotgun side to sneak into the base to arm the bomb


Podtacular Podcast is a hint podcast you can listen to tips and ways to gain and keep your levels. It is a very good podcast, and its FREE. Check it out.


Ryan W

Monday, October 10, 2005

My Stats

I don't usually play team slayer anymore. But its still a high level.

Close Range Hint

When someone on the other team is in a firefight at close range with you and they have a bad weapon and they know they will probably die they try to beat you down and sometimes it will work(and you will get frustrated). This is quite simple just stay out of beat down range(10 feet away) So they cant lunge at you and sometimes kill you. 90% of the time they will try to beat you down. The new auto update also made beat downs more powerful.

Bridging and Standbying

Bridgers are like computer nerds that like find peoples IP adress and lag them out of the game. Again this is like modding it is cheating. One of my friends is a 43 and he bridges and mods to get his level and he thinks he is lagit.

Standbying is also cheating it is better than modding and you cant get banned unfortinatly. When you play matchmaking and it constantly go to blue screen and no one quits you are getting standbyed it is sad that people are that bad they have to get 10 extra seconds to kill you when it would only take you 4 seconds to kill them. The other people on there team are just as bad as them if they need a cheater and they need 10 seconds to kill you. They always say push the button hurry push it. Beacuse in order to standy there is a button on your modem to push


My stand on modders is that modding is okay in custom games if people dont like matchmaking. But in matchmaking it is stupid if you care that much about wining then i am glad you get banned! Also Modders think they are very good just cause they have modds. Usually Modders are very bad at halo 2 but somtimes modders are good.


I just played Team Slayer on Midship we should have won the game but we had de-levelers on our team. De-Levelers ruin the whole game for evreyone. De-leveling is pointless it doesent make you any better. When you De-Level you will probilly play a bunch of games and lose like 5 to 10 levels just so you can play with people that are worse than you. When you De-Level you make your whole team mad just so you can play with noobs.


http://www.highimpacthalo.org/newsite/halo2archive.php?xbox&halo&gaming Just type in the map and it will give you superjumps ect.

http://halo2.junk.ws/ Very Cool Halo 2 Stats Site

Sword Tips

If you have the sword and a smg(or any weapon that sucks as a secondary weapon) hide the sword and if someone shoots at you hide behind something then when they get close to you whip out the sword and slice them(this also works good with shotgun).

Sword Tips

If you have the sword and a smg(or any wheapon that sucks as a secondary wheapon) hide the sword and if somone shoots at you hide behind something then when they get close to you whip out the sword and slice them(this also works good with shotgun)

Bigteam Hints

When you play Big Team Battle the people on your team really dont care if you lose or win(especilly if your a low level in Big Team Battle). Here are some hints to help you in your Big Team Domination.

1) Always go into Big Team with a party so you know each other an will usully listen to each other

2) Comminication is very important in Big Team always tell your team things like if the other team has rockets or a sniper near the teleporter.

3) People will quit in Big Team if you are losing by 1 flag capture so always play with people who aernt quitters they ruin the game for evreyone else

4) If you work together 90% of the time you will win Big Team

5) Do not boot people if they betray you by accident. If somone throws a grendade and kills 2 people and some how betrays you dont boot them

Close Range Hint

When someone on the other team has a worse wheapon and they know they will probily die they will run towards you and try to beat you down(somtimes this works and you die and you get real frustrated). But you must always saty out of beat down range. The new autoupdate made beatdowns more powerful. If you can master this skill you can get a easy kill.


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